As a DJ, producer and label manager, with tracks and EP’s on respected labels such as Studio Barnhus, Balans, Stockholm LTD, Avian and his own DEM imprint, Simon Haydo is without doubt one to keep an eye on.


Born in Lebanon, raised in the outskirts of Stockholm, Haydo has been collecting and playing vinyl since the late nineties. After holding a residency at the legendary underground party ‘Kruthuset in the mid 00’s, he went on the start producing music. Haydo released his debut EP in 2008 on Stockholm LTD. In 2013 Simon Haydo started the vinyl only label ‘DEM’ to function as a platform for his own productions, releasing a new EP every 7 weeks. 

Haydo’s music can be described as classic yet contemporary, Detroit and Chicago influenced techno. He relies on old-school aesthetics both when producing music and preparing DJ sets. ‘DJ’ing is story telling. My sets always have a beginning and an end, braided together in the most meticulous way.’ 

As is the case with this mix from Haydo, the idealisms of the American scenes, he’s so influenced by, are brought into current context with subtlety and style. Tough yet emotional with a constant underlying depth and soul.

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1) Minor Science - Foggy Situation [The Trilogy Tapes] 

2) Mix Mup - 1E [The Trilogy Tapes] 

3) Chevel - The Wall [Stroboscopic Artefacts] 

4) DJ Spider & Marshallito - Nuclear Winter [The Trilogy Tapes] 

5) Florian Kupfer - Bridge [WT Records] 

6) Bookworms - STE-017 [Nord Records] 

7) John Heckle - Wet Noises (Tapirus remix) [Midnight Shift] 

8) K2 - Riverside Connextion [Detroit Underground] 

9) Hank Jackson - Sizzler [Proibito] 

10) Radio Brovold - Joel, I Got You Next Time [Don't Be Afraid] 

11) Vereker - Untitled [L.I.E.S.] 

12) Delroy Edwards - Kickin Butts [L.A. Club Resource] 

13) Steve Murphy - Relax [Lobster Theremin] 

14) Paperclip People - Paperclip Man [Planet E] 

15) Kvaser - Botz wana [Tabernacle Records] 

16) J Velez - Tunnel [Skudge White]

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