Mørbeck is an electronic musician / DJ / label owner from Germany. His destructive blend of heavyweight techno is filled with atmospheric tension, abstract textures and a journey into the world of murky industrial tendencies. From 2010 he’s been a regular fixture on the Berlin imprint, Vault Series. A string of exceptional works cemented his place amongst the techno community as a fine exponent of the craft.

By 2012 his love for electronic music led him on the path to his very own label ‘Code Is Law’, by which he means to create a platform for himself as well as for other artists. And it’s irrelevant whether it’s deep techno, deep house or simply electro. What really matters to him is to highlight the innovative side of the music. Mørbeck unites his musical past and the present to a vigorous and powerful entity, always re-inventing himself and his music. Already on to it’s 7th release the imprint is racking up an impressive catalogue. Alongside his own music, he’s pushing established artists like Eomac and Sawf, but also introducing new names to a wider audience in the shape of Under Black Helmet, XVII and Janzon.

As well as these ventures, releases have also come on the highly respected labels Candela Rising, Mechanisms Industries and most recently M_Rec Ltd.

All the common themes from his work as a producer can be found in Mørbeck the DJ. The same raw energy and industrial stylings translate from the studio to the turntables to the delight of techno lovers around the world, and no doubt to the listeners of the Slash Dot Dash podcast.

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