From a landlocked Berlin to the banks of the Lethe, here this Moon Wheel turns.

Geared by the bones of great Zion and Babylon, unspun from the screens of these dark waters.

Rolling hybrid bodies of farewells and welcomes seek to gather freely in radiant depths. For here is to be found some worship of the drum, some bright harness for the rattling fangs.

A memory of the north wind comes to rest amongst reeds and rubble, perhaps a breath through the wire and wood. A clue for the wandering body.

The result is a species of motion that can be replicated and re-modelled in response to all great fields & cities as well as premonitions of their demise. As the void in their wake is a problem only for the builder of bridges.

Feast your ears on a mix that dares to be different in the most original of senses. Moon Wheel plunges you into a world of psychedelic interludes of African Tribal Rhythms,  organic landscapes and gothic drones, marrying the obscure with the dark raw underground techno.

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1) Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Intro

2) Free Choice - Candy Flip NYE (early version)

3) Sepik - Yambunagi-Aipanagui

4) Civilisation - Kadmos Kinder

5) Tolerance - Sacrifice

6) Joel Vandroogenbroeck & W. Rockman - Fairy Tale

7) Penile Colonie - "Escape Theme" from Norfolk Island

8) Moon Wheel - Faxälven

9) Clara Mondshine - Die Drachentrommler

10) Tamas Laboratorium - Lisa

11) Gary Wilson - Loneliness

12) Teddy Lasry - Moins 8000

13) Charles Cohen - Slow Blue And Horizontal

14) Monoton - Minibeat

15) Peder Mannerfelt - Kommen Sie Doch Näher

16) Henk Badings - Kain en Abel (Introduction, Dance, Dance of the Destructive Forces)

17) Ketev - Linger

18) Bayaka - Bobé Spirits Calling (Song From The Forest)

19) Cluster - Rote Riki

20) Ulwhednar - V

21) Civilisation - Purcell & Ruth White

22) Robert Hood - The Workers of Iniquity

23) Michal Wolski - (Blank Slate 008/B2)

24) Abdulla Rashim - Moral Blinds

25) Rrose - White/drip

26) Volte-Face - IXAXXAAR

27) Rhythm & Sound - King In My Empire (With Cornel Campbell)

28) Acronym - Canopy

29) Mike Parker - Kaze No Oto

30) Jesse Osborne-Lanthier - Deliquescent (Moon Wheel remix)

31) Markus Suckut - Remains

32) Deuce - Twerp Wiz

33) D/P/I - Sky

34) Smythee - (Pretty)

35) Stanislav Tolkachev - Raw 2

36) Lag - Sama Doma

37) David Borden - Esty Point, Summer 1978

38) Chant of Aquitaine, Chant of Aquitain

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