Nothing but his real name. The german artist and producer Van Bonn is a true traveller in music and life. After formulating a language of drones, hip-hop, hardcore-metal, instrumental rock and techno, Van Bonn presents his transcriptions of his journey in 2014 onwards.

Reimut Van Bonn played drums in a hardcore-metal band besides producing hip-hop before he joined the well known german instrumental rock band „long distance calling“ which went top 40 in the german charts. Van Bonn contributed his deepness to the band's sound by using, manipulating and dubbing various electronic instruments and audio sources. Moreover Van Bonn recorded loads of "mostly ambient-drone stuff", as he says, for his alter ego Kadrage, to be kept safe under his bed. While living in Berlin, Van Bonn started to create his very own cosmos of sounds to transfer all this into techno.

Van Bonn's participation in the dub techno label Telrae, which he did not only record for and where he is recognised as a soulmate of a collective of 5 people, already established him as a tastemaker in this scene. Still a musician on the rise, he gave his debut on his own label Van Bonn Records with the vinyl EP “gradient“ in april 2013 which was perceived very well with techno DJs, tastemakers and people who just love music. But it was his ep about skydiver "Baumgartner", released in october 2013, that was hailed as a masterpiece and which accounted for a small break through in his career.

Now located in Copenhagen, Van Bonn takes a new perspective on techno to travel and ride the waves of sound without ignorance and abuse…he is a human hellfire after all.

It was through his releases on Telrae that we first discovered Van Bonn and we’ve been fans ever since. Traversing the blurred lines of dub and techno, his music very much fits our tastes, and whether it’s through his productions or his DJ sets, Van Bonn’s creative skills are on show for all to admire. The mix is no exception as it draws you in with it’s heavy bass, encapsulating rhythms and immersive atmospheres and holds you there until releasing you in the most delicate of fashions.

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1) Van Bonn - Valid [Trapez]

2) Taster Peter - Rapture (Ron Costa Remix) [Trapez]

3) Stevie Wilson - Impact (Taster Peter Remix) [Organism]

4) Mark Fanciulli - Chord Chaos [Planet E]

5) Kaiserdisco - Chaos [Drumcode]

6) Marcel Dettmann - A Req (T++ Remix - MDR) / Lucy & Xhin - Lx3 [CLR]

7) Ben Sims feat. T. Cooper - Feel It Deep (Sandwell District Remix) [Drumcode]

8) Marcel Dettmann - Push [Ostgut Ton]

9) Van Bonn - Polygraph [Trapez]

10) Randomer - Stupid Things I Do (New School Mix) [Clone Basement Series]

11) Equalized - #111 03 [Equalized]

12) Roberto Clementi - When you [Soma]

13) Peter Van Hoesen - Rapture's Coming [Time To Express]

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