A soundtrack for dark cellars and strobe filled clubs, moulded from a pure and uncut techno template. That’s what Darko Esser’s Tripeo alter ego is only and all about. His ‘First Trip’ debut at the end of 2012 took the techno scene by storm and received massive support from key figures around the globe. Now that the dust has started to settle down, it has become clear that Tripeo is here to stay.

2013 saw him unleash a relentless release schedule including releases & remixes on Theory, BALANS, Pole Group, Deep Sound Channel as well as 4 new vinyl only Trips on his self titled imprint, and 2014 has been blessed with the launch of the first Tripeo album, ‘Anipintiros’ which has been really well received amongst techno circles and beyond. This podcast features a number of tracks from the LP. Tripeo is a force to be reckoned with on stage as well, as he proved in his machine funk driven live shows as well as tireless, hypnotic DJ sets in some of the finest clubs & festivals around.

We’re delighted to welcome Tripeo to our podcast family with this tremendous live set. Having witnessed the show in the flesh, we know just how impressive an experience it is, and one you should definitely make a point of capturing for yourself. Till then sit back and enjoy the ride and by the time it’s finished, we know you’ll be checking out his upcoming gigs!

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