Mikkel Metal aka Mikkel Meldgaard, born 1973, lives and works in Copenhagen. Completing a degree in Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen 2001, he now works as a teacher at KEA on a e-concept-development programme, besides making music.

His musical career started in the early nineties as a guitarist. Equally interested in the introspective sound of the British shoe gazer-scene and the looser low-fi aesthetic of American slacker bands, he played in various bands and developed as a guitarist.

By the mid-nineties he had grown an interest in electronic music, and bought a sampler. At first the focus laid on break beat music and melodic stuff. Later the direction changed towards a sound inspired by dub, techno, and click sensibilities. While the indierock is still apparent, this is the sound that characterised Mikkel’s music today.

Things kicked off in 2000, with the release a 7-inch on the label Hal9000, that topped the magazine de:bug’s monthly chart (no. 42). Afterwards came an appearance on the net label datamusik, and a series of 12" on the Danish label Echocord.

Mikkel developed and refined his sound, and also started issuing work to German label Kompakt. So far this has thrown off three 12’ inches. These works still continuing click-aesthetic and dub-influence, but take a slightly different path, and go from shuffle techno to slow melodic 4/4-based tracks. Around 2010 his sound has showed an inspiration from a more Detroit based sound, as heard on his "pamon 403" EP on the label Echocord.

For our 22nd podcast Mikkel created a blissful dub infused soundscape, intertwining subtle grooves with elegant rhythms to transport you into the world of dub techno as seen through the eyes of the Danish producer.

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1) Boards of Canada - Transmisiones Ferox [Warp Records]

2) Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Blue [Honest Jons]

3) Valanx - Daughters Of The Everfire (Yves De Mey Remix) [Sonuos]

4) Mikkel Metal -  Fubre [Echocord Colour]

5) Marcel Dettman - Places Like This [Ostgut Ton]

6) Echologist - Buzz Factory [Echocord Colour]

7) Rhythm and Sound - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) [Burial Mix]

8) Equalized - 004 [Equalized]

9) Radio Slave - Tantakatan (The Drunken Shed Mix) [Rekids]

10) Tony Blunt - Retrospective (Mikkel Metal Rmx) [DPress Industries]

11) Morphosis - Too Far (Marcel Dettmann Definition 2) [Delsin]

12) Levon Vincent - Pivotal Moments in life [Novel Sound]

13) Martyn - Bad Chicago [Nonplus Records]

14) Dj Koze - Mariposa [Kompakt]

15) Boards of Canada - Semena Mertvykh [Warp Records]

More info can be found on Mikkel Metal via his Facebook Fan Page