Juan Atkins, Joey Beltram & Adam X, hosted by Slash Dot Dash @ Egg London

Saturday 10th May 2014


Joining Juan will be another techno institution in the form of Joey Beltram. He released on seminal Belgium label R&S during techno’s early years and is best known for his raw and spasmodic techno track ‘Energy Flash.’ Being an iconic figure in early nineties rave culture his sound as progressed throughout the years and has seen him play at every major festival and nightclub around the globe.

The third piece of the puzzle should be no stranger to fans of Slash Dot Dash. Nearly 4 years ago, in 2010, we hosted the debut UK live set of the mysterious Traversable Wormhole. Now in 2014 he returns under the most well known of his many aliases as the Sonic Groove boss, Adam X, returns to London to display his outstanding DJ abilities.

The DJ / Producer / Label Boss / former Record Store owner / Promoter / ex notorious graffiti artist, helped pioneer the early days of techno in New York and is responsible for a multitude of critically acclaimed pseudonyms such as Traversable Wormhole, ADMX-71 and AX&P (with Perc) and many more we probably don’t know about. Since moving to Berlin his Sonic Groove imprint has exposed the world to the sounds of artists like Dasha Rush, Orphx, Northern Structures and Henning Baer to name a few.

Backing up the American’s will be a taste of London from our very own Kontort and Void’s Jay Clarke. Kontort has been working on various projects over the last 12 months. His own music, Mirrorpress (a collaboration with Chris Stanford), the monthly free London techno parties at Hysteria under the name, thesis, and more still in the fire. Jay Clarke is a staple part of the Void collective and his production work is getting played all around the world by the likes of Ben Klock, Shifted, Ø Phase and DVS1.

Doors on the night open at 11pm and we go right through till 10am Sunday giving you 11 whole hours to indulge yourselves in some epic techno. Tickets are available now through the Egg Website or on Resident Advisor.

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We’re extremely pleased to announce we’re joining forces with Egg to bring you a night of legendary proportions as three of techno’s most influential figures combine for one special night.

The holy American Techno trinity combine as Detroit’s Juan Atkins is joined by New York’s Joey Beltram and Adam X.

There’s not much new to add to what’s already been said about these inspirational characters. They’ve seen and done everything there is to see and do in the world of techno, right from the very beginning.

Juan Atkins is responsible for aliases such as Model 500, Cybotron and Infiniti and was one of the key players in developing a new sound that eventually became widely know as Detroit Techno. His links with Berlin, and Tresor, helped spread his message far from his own City and he has become a worldwide leader in the genre.