In 2006 Andrew Wright, or the DJ known as XI, wasn’t happy with the standard of parties in London’s underground scene. He had a passion for music and wanted a platform where he could fully express the music that moved him. Not wanting to compromise with the sounds he was hearing in the clubs around London. He decided he had to do something about it, and 2007 Slash Dot Dash was born.

It launched at the Rhythm Factory on the 27th April. Minimal techno was the new sound building around Europe and Slash Dot Dash invited one it’s biggest rising stars, Marc Houle, to come and headline the event.

He duly obliged and provided a stunning hour to really make it a memorable night. Backed up by Lovefish and the Slash Dot Dash residents in the main room and Progressive Movement in the back room, Slash Dot Dash had arrived.

Unfortunately due to personal circumstances Andrew didn’t have the time to commit fully to giving Slash Dot Dash the attention it deserved, so after a few small scale parties Slash Dot Dash was put on the back burner.

3 years later, now moved to London, Andrew had the time to really put the work into developing the parties and providing the music to London that he was so compelled to do. So at the start of 2010 Slash Dot Dash was brought out of the dark and thrust upon London’s scene once again.

Months of planning, a new set of ideas, a more matured darker stream of techno was pushing Andrews’ buttons. And along with new resident, Chris Stanford, plans turned into actions. The date was set for the 10th July. The venue was the Hub Club, a little known student bar tucked away in the Aldgate Circle, with a terrific space and a great soundsystem.

The headliners for the evening were techno bigboys Sandwell District and a UK Debut appearance for techno new boy Traversable Wormhole (but also techno bigboy under his more famous alias, Adam X).

Over 300 friendly techno loving people packed into the Hub for a unbelievable night fuelled by the very best underground techno which rocked Hub to it’s core and announced Slash Dot Dash was back!

Great feedback from the delighted crowd included one comment from a punter claiming it was the best night he’d had in 10 years of clubbing!

But before the party had even started there was bad news hanging in the back of Andrew’s mind. Just days before the event he was informed by the clubs management that due to Historical Limitations on the usage of the building it had lost it’s license and Slash Dot Dash was the last late night party they were allowed to do.

Andrew was gutted, the Hub had provided a perfect location for a great techno party. But, as they say, the show had to go on. But there was light at the end of the tunnel and eventually Slash Dot Dash exited that tunnel at the very place they’d started, at The Rhythm Factory and with another huge techno line up.

More exclusives were round the corner. London debut appearances were handed to Samuli Kemppi in the form of a live set and Milton Bradley with a DJ set. Both were artists steadily building their reputation throughout the world with outstanding productions and DJ sets.

They descended on the Rhythm Factory and did exactly what was expected. The techno was amazing and the soundsystem in the Rhythm Factory truly did it justice.

4 weeks before the event the Slash Dot Dash podcast was launched and more work was carried out on planning 2011’s parties.

2011 saw two more amazing parties including incredible performances from Redshape, 19.454. and Kenneth Christiansen, as well as more podcasts.

In 2012 Slash Dot Dash aim to bring a new dynamic to London’s techno club scene by the introduction of monthly Sunday afternoon parties at Basing House.

For too long the only options available to the Sunday clubber has been house, house, house (with a bit of this new wave disco thrown in the pot too). But finally proper underground Techno has found it's way on to the Sunday scene and it's not a moment too soon!


Slash Dot Dash are purveyors of the very best techno around. Bringing you exclusive performances from the best DJs and live acts, through our parties and our podcast. We hand pick the artists we love and provide them with the platform, and the time, to fully express their own takes on the music that we’re so passionate about.